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There is a puddle that sits near my pre-schooler's classroom after the rain. It doesn't seem to dry up from the sun for days. And since it's been raining so much in our area that means this puddle stays around for quite some time!

Each day the kids run around it and get as close as possible without trying to go in the water. Of course occasionally they step in and say; "Opps, I didn't mean to!" Of course they act like they had no idea they could get wet! haha...

After the loss in Connecticut little things jump out at me. When I picked them up from school yesterday (Monday), an odd thing happened. Usually the three from grade school get in the car and they immediately fight over something. Who is sitting where, who got to the car first, etc. I've been really talking to them about it because I don't see them and they don't see each other all day yet the first thing I don't want to hear is fighting when we are finally together! Well this day they got in and were laughing and chatting. It was music to my ears!

When we got the school to wait for little sister, they asked; "Mom, can we run in the water!?" I said; "Yes!" Now many of you might say "Um, never, my kids will not run in the puddles" and believe me I always so; "No", even many of the moms were looking at me cross eyed! But we were heading home anyway, so why not!? All I could think of was how those families in Connecticut would give one more moment to say yes to the question that their child asked. One more moment of splashing in a puddle and not caring that they were soaking wet by the time they got in the car! All I heard was the squeals of delight as they played together!

That morning I had been reading stories and watching videos of siblings that lost their brother or sister and that chatter, that laughter would no longer be heard in that house. Even those siblings are feeling the loss of a "partner in crime" to splash with!

Now I know that we can't just let everything to go to the wind. We can't stop disciplining and teaching and guiding because of fear of what could happen. We will still say "No" many times and I don't plan to let them run in that puddle everyday! But I know there are many times in my life I get very frustrated and when I stop to think sometimes it's over small things, why am I saying No, really? There are times that I can let things go and just let them talk to loud, play with each other and splash in the puddle because what does it matter? We were going home anyway, they got in the warm shower and cuddled on the couch afterwards to watch a movie all warm and cozy. What harm did it do? The clothes can be washed but moments cannot be taken back! Let's live life!!!

God Bless our families and our schools!!!
I have such a heavy heart from the tragic shooting in Connecticut! I still remember the Columbine shooting. I lived in Colorado when I was younger, I even played basketball at that school a few times in High School, I had friends that went to school there. My brother-in-law had been a senior that year and his sister was also a student there at that time. It hit close to home.

This time these shootings are close to home because of the lost lives of innocent children. I can't help but think many times a day about the fact that there are families that will not be able to hold their children. The laughter those children brought to each of their families is gone. I read that one of the girls was the oldest of their 3 kids, I can not imagine the hole in their lives!

As a mother I hurt for them, a physical pain in my heart. When I woke up this morning my 4 year old daughter was laying next to me and my first thought was for the families that can no longer snuggle their little ones.

In their pain we know that those children are in the arms of Jesus. He welcomed them and they are no longer in any pain. And one day we pray all those families are reunited in heaven together! But it is tough to walk through the loss here on this earth. I have been in that place a few times in my life. Struggling day by day to realize the loss of someone you love.

As time does move on these families are forever changed and I continue to see our need for God. Life will go on. We have to keep moving forward. But we also want to live each moment, love each person and never take anything for granted. Life is so precious! God Bless and protect our families!

So, I officially have a high school-er! And I'm so not ready for it! I still see her as a little girl going to grade school, how is it we are talking to counselors discussing credits and classes for graduation!?

Boy is it true that time flies by! I have always heard that it does and I always knew it did. You see your kids grow up every day. Each school year flies by. I thought Jr. High was a leap but this year was a little more emotional for me.

I had one start High School and my youngest started pre-school. So they are all in school! I loved the baby stages but I am enjoying the next stages of their lives as well, it's just very bitter sweet!

It's hard to realize that in just 4 short years that Aryianna could be on her way to college, out of the house and it's VERY hard to imagine! Look how fast 14 years passed, I really hope that I can make 4 years stretch!

My mom’s blog has a new look! I updated my family website and thought I figured I might as well add my mom’s blog to our site.

I picked up blogging a few years ago and really enjoy it. I haven’t been as diligent as I would like lately but maybe a new look will get me motivate. Part of my blogging is “me time”. A way to connect with other mom’s and know we are not alone!

Feel free to leave comments and send feedback! I would love to hear from you!

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